In place of our regular meeting format - Flycasters holds a SWAP MEET each July.  This year's Swap Meet will take place on Wednesday evening, July 11, from 7:00pm until 9:00pm or so at the Moreland Apts meeting room, near the corner of Payne and Saratoga Ave.

Last year Flycasters' Conservation Committee accepted donations of gear and goods and sold them at the Swap Meet in order to raise funds for the Conservation Committee's environmental efforts.  Hoping to raise a couple of hundred dollars seemed a bit of a stretch, but our members came through and helped the Conservation Committee raise over $800.

This year the Conservation Committee will try to surpass last year's effort.  A large number of the items for sale on the Conservation Committee table comes from the estate of the late Martin "Marty" Seldon.  There will be books, DVDs, tapes, as well as fly fishing and fly tying gear waiting to join your collection.  Many "one of a kind" and collectible goodies will be available for you to take home at what are sure to be bargain prices.

All Flycasters are encouraged to bring their own gear to sell or trade to others - "One man's junk is another man's treasure" is particulary true of fly fishers.

And of course, if you haven't got everything you want or everything you need, then you can spend some money and fill in the gaps.

It's also a great informal meeting if you want to come and talk fishing and make plans for the rest of the summer.

You get to pick up bargains - others get to make room in the closet for newer gear - and the Conservation Committee gets a chance to raise a little money to help protect trout, salmon and steelhead and their aquatic homes.

It's a win win win for everyone who attends.


  - Doors open at 6:30pm

-You can join the club at the Membership Table

- You can sign up for the Manzanita Lake fishout, see Bob Bergthold or Lee Smith



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