The Flycaster's Education Foundation manages our Salmon and Trout Education Program (STEP). This program has been developed to provide students with a chance to learn "hands on" about salmon and steelhead and the habitats in which they live. The K-12 program uses a thematic first hand approach, offering teachers the tools and the ideas for integrating math, science, language, arts, etc.

Students learn about salmon and steelhead life cycles, their habitat requirements and the problems and solutions to preserving these "indicator" species and the watersheds in which they live. Teachers who wish to learn and participate in teaching STEP are offered a two-day workshop, which provides cooperative learning utilizing actual lessons from the curriculum material. Teachers learn actual methods and techniques for working with groups of students out on a stream and how to process streamside information back in the classroom. Teachers are provided with a copy of the STEP curriculum,  lesson plans, and a packet of resource materials. For teachers who desire to participate in classroom incubation, guidance is given in the materials required, actual set-up and the permitting process required to allow live wild steelhead eggs to be raised to fry stage a then be released into a local stream.

The 2013 Workshop will be held January 12-13 at the National Marine Lab in Santa Cruz.

Flycasters members are encouraged to attend the workshop and assist in the classroom.  It is a profoundly rewarding experience.

If you are a teacher or know a teacher  or if you have children or grandchildren - nieces and nephews - friends and neighbors who are attending school ... If you think some young person would be enriched by having STEP taught in his or her classroom - have any K - 12 teacher contact Hugh Miller or Don Chesarek to find out more about the STEP Program.


More information about the Education Foundation and the STEP Program is located under the "COMMUNITY" menu on this page.

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