Many of the guides were motivated to donate because of their strong interest in supporting the Marty Seldon Conservation Fund. Marty had previously contacted many of these guides last year to kick off the fundraising - and we are building upon his tremendous passion and enthusiasm for fisheries conservation. Additionally, many of the fishing guides that we worked with from our last fundraiser have also signed up.

At our last fundraiser, I won several guided fishing trips and I had a very enjoyable time since I have less fly fishing experience than most Flycasters members and I am eager to fish in new locations. I found that the guides taught me a lot related to reading water - casting technique - especially on windy days and selection of different types of flies. Using drift boats we always covered more fishing spots compared to walk/wading and this was especially helpful on the bigger streams where shore fishing was extremely limited. Lastly, I found that winning the guide trips was very economical since the majority of these guide trips were donated at a 50% discount (a savings of $200!) Give me a call if you have any questions on the guides and locations of these trips.

Regards, Ken Imatani

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