So, I hear you’ve been fishing?


We all try to get out as much as possible and hook into a few decent fish.  Your trips may have been a great trip or a bust, either way it can be interesting.  But the one area that is most lacking is hearing your story about your trip.  You know we have a monthly newsletter and an interactive web site that gets updated with new stuff often.  However, did you realize that both publications are there for you to not only hear about things the club is doing but also for you, as a member, to share your own stories about trips?

I know the spoken word is sometimes preferred by many but it can only reach a small audience (including those just walking by while you tell it).  If you wish to share on a larger scale, like with more members, then write it up!

Some of you will say that you don’t know how to write an article or story about your trips.  Well, you didn’t know how to cast or tie a fly until you tried it a few times.  And, since we are a “teaching club”, to help you get started and understand more about writing articles and stories we have put the 2009 article on how to write and structure a feature story that can be interesting, humorous and entertaining.  You will find it on the web site under Bulletins Page with the heading “Motivation”.  It will walk you through the stages of creating your story and provide you some hints and tips on doing it well.  And, since it is on the web site, it will be there for you to refer to at any future time, it will just be a page or two back from the front Bulletins Page as more Bulletins get posted.

Check it out, and let’s see more member’s articles in both the Flylines and on the web site.  So, I hear you’ve been fishing, eh?

Bob Meacham

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