The October Flylines includes a fantastic article about fishing in  Christmas Island.  Steve Duckett explains in detail the target fish, the gear, the strategies, and how much fun it is to hook into these salt water beasts.  Pound for pound, salt water fish simply test the limits of our gear and our own strength.  Great reading.

Nathan Cook of Orvis San Jose penned a farewell note - sad to see Nathan step away from our neck of the wooks - but we wish him well in this next chapter of his life.  He also included a very generous 25% OFF Coupon for Orvis San Jose - complete with instructions for the cashier to make it easy for us and for them.

I goofed up and left out Chuck Hammerstad's Conservation News --- here it is in full:  (by November the article would seem outdated)

Conservation Tid Bits by Chuck Hammerstad

I will soon be joining a group of Flycasters at the Yamsi Ranch fishout on the upper Williamson River in Oregon, I but wanted to get you up to date on some of the latest conservation activities.

  1. British mining company, Anglo American, the major partner with Canadian company, Northern Dynasty, has decided to exit the proposed Pebble Mine project in Alaska. This is great news, but we still need to keep the pressure on Northern Dynasty since the company is looking for another investor for the project.  We will continue to keep on top of any new developments on this important conservation issue.
  2. In October, the BDCP plan to build two tunnels under the Delta to deliver water to southern California will be official presented for public comment.  Two law suits have already been filed to stop the development of the plan.  Expect Restore the Delta and other conservation organization to make formal comments in opposition to the present plan.  The BDCP needs to consider alternate plans to satisfy the coequal goals of providing a reliable source of water and restoring the ecosystem for fish.
  3. A celebration was held at the site of the completed Bonde Weir removal project on San Francisquito Creek.  Many agencies personnel and others who worked to finally get this fish passage barrier removed after over 100 years, were on hand for the celebration.  Now steelhead can access about 40 miles of habitat for spawning and rearing.  I was present for the celebration.
  4. On Sept. 21, Steve Holmes received the help of Flycasters members, Dennis Jacobson, Mike Lovejoy, Hunter Reid, Dan Romani and another, who got in Los Gatos Creek with waders to clean a section of the creek channel in the Willow Glen area.  I will be looking forward to hearing about their experience to make the creek more “fish friendly.”
  5. On September 28, Flycasters members Mike Culcasi, Bob and Ruth Price, Dan Romani, Jim and Louise Wholey, and Chuck and Kathleen Hammerstad, attended the CHEER Dinner and Fundraiser in Gilroy.  The Flycasters Conservation Committee bought a table for the event which was also attended by Friends of Los Gatos Creek people Steve Holmes and Richard McMurtry.  We are proud to support the continued hard work of Herman Garcia and his energetic group of volunteers.

Remember to put the date, February 1, 2014, on your calendar which is the date of the Flycasters Banquet and Conservation Fundraiser.  You won’t want to miss this big event.

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