Orvis Santana Row will be starting their Fly Fishing 101 classes again.  Members who help for a couple of hours can get a nice discount.

Here is the rundown of FF101 dates that Nathan Cook could use volunteers for. These classes are held at the Santana Row Orvis store. Based on how often you help, the discount increases. Its a great opportunity to pick up some gear at a reduced price.

Nathan is offering a tiered discount like last year that is based on the number of classes someone volunteers to help out with:

1-2 classes: 30%
3-4 classes: 40%
5+ classes: 50%

Here are the dates:

Saturday Classes - 8am-10am
April 19
April 26
May 3
May 10
May 17
May 24
May 31
June 7
June 14

Sunday Classes - 9am-11am
March 23
March 30
April 13
June 22
June 29
July 20

Nathan Cook will be running the Saturday classes and the 201s and Mark Schaller will be running the Sunday classes. If they can fill the classes to capacity, there will be able to get around 270 students exposed to fly-fishing and a lot of potential new members for Flycasters.

So, check your calendar and contact Nathan to let him know when you can help.  His contact info is below.  Help new folks interested in fly fishing to learn and get a discount on equipment.

Thanks again!

Orvis San Jose
377 Santana Row, Suite 1040
San Jose, CA 95128
direct – (408) 961-6450
fax – (408) 961-6460
email – retail-sanjosestr078@orvis.com

Bob Shoberg, webmaster

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