Beginning fly tying starts February 23. This class is specifically for beginners and provides six evenings of instruction, written instructions and materials for tying 10 patterns -- 40 flies total! This is also an excellent class for those who want to practice these patterns and improve their skills in a fun environment.

Our venue – new this year – is the Mountain View Community Center, 201 South Rengstorff Ave, Mountain View. The meeting rooms are large and well-lit. The dates are Feb 23 (Mon.), Mar 3 (Tue.), Mar 10 (Tue.), Mar 17 (Tue.), Mar 23 (Mon.), Mar 31(Tue). Class are from 7:15 to 9:15PM. Room opens by 7.

You will need the following equipment by the second class: {vice, bobbin, thread (black, 6/0), bobbin threader, scissors, hackle pliers, bodkin}. The first class will cover equipment and knots, and we'll hand out notes for two patterns for the following week. If you have your equipment bring it to first class, if not, that's OK, get it by second class.

Cost is $30 (members) or $80 (includes 2015 Flycasters Membership). Pay at Feb club meeting or at first class. Not a member of the San Jose Flycasters? Join! You can join up ($50) online, at the club meetings, or at the first class.

There is also an open/makeup/free tying day on Mar 26 (Thurs.), open to anyone, no cost.

To reserve your spot now or for additional information, contact Bill Zuravleff 650 967-0674,

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