5:00PM TO 8:00PM

Free San Jose Flycasters Casting Clinic

Tailing Loops , Windy Conditions and Assorted Casting Problems

"Perhaps the biggest problem facing anyone who can fly cast beyond 45 feet is a tailing loop. A tailing loop is when the leader and the front of the line crash into the main line near the end of the cast. While tailing loops can occur anytime, they usually develop in a longer cast – especially when the angler makes an extra effort to gain greater distance than he or she can comfortably cast. " Lefty Kreh

Tony Yap is an accomplished fly fisher, a fantastic teacher, and a very successful tournament winning fly caster.   His list of accomplishments in competitive fly casting is truly impressive.

Tony asks that you bring your favorite fly rod. Anything between 5 and 10 weight, with a reel and weight forward floating line, appropriate leader and tippet and some yarn (no hooks).

Bring a notebook and pen to take notes.

Be sure to bring protective eyewear. Sunglasses or eyeglasses - just as long as they cover your eyes. This is a requirement, without eye protection you cannot attend the clinic.

There is no sign up for this event.

The BBQ will be going and hot dogs and brats will be available.

Clinic is FREE for members of San Jose Flycasters

*Parking at the ponds is $6 - payable at the kiosk - they do ticket non-payers

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