SAN JOSE PROOF photoshopped

Flycasters was founded in 1965 - which made 2015 our Golden Anniversary.  In 1990 the club put out a commemorative 25 year book, and we thought it appropriate to celebrate our second 25 years.


Ken Imatani and Frank Eldredge have been working on this project for a number of months.  And the result is a fantastic full color 50th Anniversary publication. There are 16 articles which focus mainly on the past 25 years of Flycasters, Inc.


Your copy is waiting for you at the club meeting.  We handed out roughly 75 in December - Every member gets one free copy - (Yes ... Family memberships only get one copy) You simply sign your name and the issue is yours.


In the meantime you can look at the 50 Year magazine here on the website --- go to the File Sharing menu and open the Information About Our Club folder and download and read the Flycasters 50th Anniversary Magazine.



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