Flycasters is having its annual Summer Celebration a little later this year - early Autumn - on October 10th at the Pavilion near the Casting Ponds at Los Gatos Creek Park

Les Page is BBQing again - ribs and tri-tip steak - along with hors d'oevres and salads - beer, wine and soft drinks will be on hand for everyone to enjoy

Members are invited to join the festivities from 2:00 to dusk -- October 10th

Price is only $10 per person - members can bring along family and friends

We'll start around 2:00pm for pre-dinner activities and then dinner will be served at 4:00pm

Attendees will be given a raffle ticket - Prize this year is a fly fishing reel

Sign up at the September 9 club meeting - this coming Wednesday

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Let's have some fun !!!!


5:00PM TO 8:00PM

Free San Jose Flycasters Casting Clinic

Tailing Loops , Windy Conditions and Assorted Casting Problems

"Perhaps the biggest problem facing anyone who can fly cast beyond 45 feet is a tailing loop. A tailing loop is when the leader and the front of the line crash into the main line near the end of the cast. While tailing loops can occur anytime, they usually develop in a longer cast – especially when the angler makes an extra effort to gain greater distance than he or she can comfortably cast. " Lefty Kreh

Tony Yap is an accomplished fly fisher, a fantastic teacher, and a very successful tournament winning fly caster.   His list of accomplishments in competitive fly casting is truly impressive.

Tony asks that you bring your favorite fly rod. Anything between 5 and 10 weight, with a reel and weight forward floating line, appropriate leader and tippet and some yarn (no hooks).

Bring a notebook and pen to take notes.

Be sure to bring protective eyewear. Sunglasses or eyeglasses - just as long as they cover your eyes. This is a requirement, without eye protection you cannot attend the clinic.

There is no sign up for this event.

The BBQ will be going and hot dogs and brats will be available.

Clinic is FREE for members of San Jose Flycasters

*Parking at the ponds is $6 - payable at the kiosk - they do ticket non-payers

For more information contact Mason Seim at

Spring is just around the corner and so is fishing season. Be ready for it!! Don't miss the opportunity to become a better caster!!!!! How do you do that? Easy. Take casting lessons. We offer four different classes again this year: beginning, intermediate, advanced and shooting head. Something for every one.

Dates-----March 14th & 15th, March 21st & 22 and March 28th & 29th.
Saturdays and Sundays-Three Consecutive Weekends.



Times----First Day Only-----Registration-----7:30AM-8:15AM
Intermediate--- 10:30AM-12:30PM
Shooting Head—8:30AM-10:30AM

All Remaining Dates
Shooting Head---8:00AM-10:00

These classes take place regardless of the weather, RAIN OR SHINE. Dress layered. Wear water resistant or repellant shoes. We will be working on the greens and even just the morning dew or fog will make it quite damp. Keep in mind that this park is a huge favorite of migrating and resident geese and ducks. It is nice to able to hose off your foot ware. Bring SUN SCREEN. A cap or hat with a brim is highly recommended. MOST OF ALL, YOUR MUST HAVE SOME TYPE OF FULL PROTECTIVE EYE COVER, glasses or goggles. Contacts will not suffice. NO GLASSES-NO CLASSES.

Please feel free to bring bottled water, juice coffee, tea, etc.

There is a $6.00 charge by the County of Santa Clara per car for parking. Annual parking passes can be purchased at Park Head Quarters located in Vasona Park, Los Gatos.

Sign-up sheets will be available at the February and March general meetings. If all else fails, you can sign up at the casting class registration.

Membership applications will also be available at registration. Membership fees for new or returning members are $50 for an individual and $60 for a family in addition to the cost of casting classes.

Jo Hood, casting chair

Once a year Flycasters abandons its usual meeting format and holds a Swap Meet -

On July 8 - 6:15pm to 9:00pm at the Moreland Apts meeting room - where our meetings take place each month -

The Conservation Committee will have a table (or two) loaded with gear for you to purchase and the proceeds help fund Flycasters Conservation efforts.

In fact, the Conservation Committee is hoping for donations to place on their table(s) so you can help out two ways - Donate your unwanted gear and buy some of the gear you need - It is a WIN WIN scenario for everyone

Conact Chuck Hammerstad to donate your gear

fly rods in rack small

And of course, you can sell your own gear - pocket some extra cash - and turn around and buy someone else's gear --- One man's trash is another man's treasure ---

Join us on July 8th - it's an informal meeting and you can socialize and talk all you want - maybe even spin a few fish tales

 banquet small

Thanks to all of the Flycasters, spouses, family, and special guests for attending the 50th Anniversary Banquet and Conservation Fundraiser. It was very gratifying for the committee to have such a large group of 160 at the social event and to support our fundraiser for conservation. We hope you agree it was a special time to enjoy good food and drink, socialize, hear an outstanding speech, award members for providing outstanding service to the club, and win prizes in the large fundraiser. All proceeds from the fundraiser will go into the Marty Seldon Memorial Conservation Fund for fisheries conservation projects for those working to enhance or restore local waters and other fly fishing locations around the state.

And it was a good way to start the 50th year for members to continue to participate in all of the clubs activities including fishouts, rod building, casting classes, fly tying, and all of the other activities the club has to offer. And it was great to have a large group of new members at the event: August Abellar, Irene Bennitt, Matt Bien and Grace Lee, Ronald DuVal, Frank Eldredge, Jim Hofrichter, Kelly O’Hara, Robert Sass and Jack Wunder.

At about 6:30, Mike Culcasi, our Master of Ceremonies, started the evening with the serving of the delicious meal. Following the meal, our guest speaker, Phil Greenlee, entertained us with a talk on the great rivers of Northern California and the many fishing opportunities they have to offer followed by a short presentation on the 50 years of Flycasters by Chuck Hammerstad.


angler of the year


As is done at every annual banquet, the Awards Committee Chairman and 2015 President, Dave Pellone honored members for their service to the club with the presentation of the many awards. Those receiving club awards were: Dave Kerbyson, The Jim Thatcher Award; Chuck Hammerstad, The Harry D’Angelo Award; Bob Meacham, the Ken Eugene Award; Bob Shoberg along with the Tournament Casting Team, Distinguished Service Award; Bob Davis, The Houwink-Seldon Conservation Award; Bill Zuravleff, Member of the Year; Luke Sing, the Editors award; Walt McIntyre, The U. Shadsby Bulldrop Award (for his telling of tall tales);  Shiz and Judy Nakawatse, the Wading Staff award; Raphael Reza, Best Fly Tyer Contributor Award and Dave Pellone presented the Past President’s award to Bill Zuravleff. Those receiving fishing awards were: Tim Anderson, Ring of the Rise Award, Tim Anderson, Angler of the Year (see the above photo); and Terry Ward, the Broken Paddle Award. And last but not least, Wade Goertz was awarded Honorary Lifetime Membership, probably the highest award given to a Flycaster club member.

At the closing of the Bucket Raffles and Silent Auctions, there was more excitement from the winners as they picked up and paid for the prizes won. The Conservation Committee strived to accomplish two goals of making the event enjoyable for everyone and to raise some funds for the Flycasters fisheries conservation efforts.

Chuck Hammerstad

Conservation Committee Chairman

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