Manzanita Lake Fishout, July 22 to 25

By Chuck Hammerstad


The beautiful Lassen National Park and Manzanita Lake east of Redding is the location of our popular fishout in July.  Manzanita Lake holds wild Rainbow and Brown trout for catch and release fishing of these naturally reproducing fish.  We will be camping in the “A” loop, which is the loop closest to the lake and within walking distance, if you wish to carry your float tube.  If you need to drive to the lake, there is ample parking at the boat launching area.  You will be required to wear a personnel floatation device (either a vest type or inflatable suspender type) when on the water in any type of floating craft.  This is a safe lake to float tube with the newest designs and I recommend this lake to those new to float tubing.  I will be holding an orientation session on Friday and Saturday mornings for those who have never fished the lake or would like to learn more about the lake.  I have fished this lake for many years and I hope to share with you my experience and the experience of others.  For those who would like to spend a day fishing another location, Baum Lake and Hat Creek have good fishing and are close enough for a day trip.

I have 4 campsites reserved and some members have reserved their own campsites that they are willing to share.  Let me know if you wish to car pool and I would recommend carpooling due to the campground requirement of just two vehicles per campsite.  The cost is $45 for 3 nights of camping (with an option for Sunday evening) and food and drinks for all meals from Thursday lunch to Sunday lunch.  For more details on what to bring, see the write up in the fishout section of the club web site.  I will be taking signups at the July club meeting and I will have some handouts.  If you are only able to come for part of the period, let me know and I will accommodate your needs.  Non fishing family members are encouraged to come since there is a lot to see and do in the park.  I would encourage new members as well as long time members to join in on a great fishing experience.


Sat Feb 17 @12:00AM
Lower Yuba Fishout
Sun Feb 18 @12:00AM
Lower Yuba Fishout

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