Date                 Location                                Fishmaster

Feb 16             Eel River                                Bob Laskodi

March 3           Shadow Cliffs                        Bob Meacham

April 19-22     Pyramid Lake                         Walt McIntyre

May 5              Santa Cruz Surf Perch          Bob Laskodi

May 23           Shad Fishout                           Bob Laskodi

June 22-24    Yamsi Ranch, OR                  Rick Davis

July 19-22     Manzanita Lake                      Lee Smith/Bob Berthold                      

Sept 7-9         High Sierra Backpack            Bill Zuravloff

Sept  14-16    East Carson River                  Les Page

Oct 13-14        O'Neil Forebay                       Jim Knecht 

Oct 25-28           Davis Lake                       Bob Davis/Rene Blanquies

Nov 8-11         Klamath River                         Lee Dorius

Dec 27-30       Trinity River                       Mike Lovejoy/Jim Isaacson


If you have a location you would like for a fishout (And are willing to be the fishmaster) contact Mike and see about adding it to the calendar.


Sat Feb 17 @12:00AM
Lower Yuba Fishout
Sun Feb 18 @12:00AM
Lower Yuba Fishout

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