We would like to invite more club members to the LOWER KINGS RIVER FISHOUT where the fish are BIG, the river great, and the company excellent....


We have about 10 people going but still have room for 4-5 more. Part of our goal for this particular fishout is to give people who have pontoon boats a chance to get acquainted with the river from below Pineflat Dam to Avacado Lake. We have coordinated pickups for you to get back to your vehicles. Many people will also be wading in the hot spots in the catch and release area. If you hjave not fished the lower kings there are some big fish that have been planted form the weir down to and below Avacado Lake.

Please check out our web site for the info about accomodations, fishing gear and directions. We are excited about the River Bend RV Park that we are staying at because the just recently remodeled all the bath rooms. The new owners want to attract clubs like ours to the area and have been very helpful in setting a great place for both RV’s and campers. If you are reading this article and have already signed up, drop me an email(signaturetextures@gmail.com) if you need to car pool. I’ll see what I can do to hook you up with someone. We are keeping a close watch on the river relative to volume of water.

We are also excited about the float that should take about 4-5 hrs. We are hoping to fish some areas that have been inaccessible to  wading and think there is a good possibility there are fish holding in some of these areas waiting just for you! Come join us for good fishing and all those fish stories that will be told at the campfire we will be having at night. Catch the fishing fever with us and ride it all through the year. SEE YOU THERE! 

Lee  Smith cell: 408-515-0066


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