Hi all,
Given the strength of the storms this last week, we will have to delay this fishout to the weekend of Apr 8-10. The storms have dumped 11ft of new snow on the sierra as well as several feet down to 3000ft level. Even with fair weather forecast for next week, there is little chance the road will open by Apr 1, and could take 2 or more weeks to open again.  Also, the new snow at 3000ft needs time to melt to clear the boat ramp and campgrounds. So I will again assess conditions by the end of next week, Fri Apr 1 to confirm.
The last weekend I can go is Apr 15-17, so we have 2 chances left to get there after which I will cancel the fishout.
The water level has started rising more rapidly now and is now at 65% of capacity and is at the bottom of the boat ramp. It is likely the water will be rise enough by the time we get there to launch boats from the ramp.  And we want to get there before the reservoir starts to spill so the afterbay is fishable, which may well happen by late April this year.
Keep in mind if we aren't getting in there, no one else is either, so the fish will wait. I have fished the reservoir through late April and have done well. In fact, given the higher water level this year, allowing the water a little more time to warm up is good for us. We want the water to start to warm up from the sun to bring the fish up from the cold depths to feed near the surface.

Anybody interested needs to get on my email list to know when we are going.


Lee Dorius



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