Time to start planning to join us at the 2014 fishouts. The current plan is below including the fishmasters.Start booking your calendar now and join your fellow Flycasters on a fishing trip. Be aware that dates may change so check the club calendar in case of a change. 


Dates Duration Location Fishmaster
February 15 1 Day Shadow Cliffs Bill Zuravleff

March 21-23 3 Day Upper Kings River Todd Osborn

April 24-27 4 Day Pyramid Lake Walt McIntyre

May 10 1 Day Coyote Lake Jay Hann
May 22 1 Day Shad Fishout Bob Laskodi

June 2-9 7 Day Saltwater Mahahual Mexico Steve Duckett
June 13-15 3 Day E. Walker River Mary Ann Peters/Dan Romani
June 19-22 4 Day Manzanita Lake Wade Goertz/Dave Pellone
June 26-29 4 Day Lava Lake, Oregon with SOFF Bob Meacham

July 10-14 4 day High Sierra/ San Joaquin Bill Zuravleff
July 11-13 3 Day Medicine Lake Scout Trip Bill Mahan
July 17-20 4 Day Truckee River Dave Pellone/Wade Goertz
July 24-27 4 Day Dinkey Lakes Backpack Todd Osborn

August 14-17 4 day Kings Canyon/Cedar Grove  
Les Page/Rafael Reza

September 11-14 4 Day Glen Aulin Backpack           
Steve Key
September 26-28 3 Day Yamsi Ranch Rick Davis

October 11 1 Day O'Neil Forebay Mike Lovejoy/Rich Stevens/Scott Seaman
October 16-19 4 Day Klamath River Lee Dorius
October 23-26 4 Day Davis Lake Bob Davis/Rene Blanquies/Walt McIntyre

December 27-30 4 day Trinity River Mike Lovejoy/Jim Isaacson

July 25-31, 2015 7 day Montana Big Hole Lodge Laurie Kirk

Club Fishmaster:  Lee Dorius


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