The first week of June features another "scout trip" fishout to Antelope Lake - June 2 - 5 ... Fishmasters Lee Dorius and Bill Mahan are scouting out Antelople Lake in Northeast California to see if it is a good fishing spot for future fishouts. They are inviting other members to join them.  See the fishout template in the File Sharing menu above. 

Scout trips can be real adventures since they are usually the first attempts Flycasters has made at fishing these locations.  This will be a camping fishout and Lee and Bill will be camping at Lone Rock Campground -

antelope darthscooter

And nearer the end of June is our 3rd annual joint fishout with Southern Oregon Fly Fishers to Lava Lakes - June 23 - 26.  Lee Dorius is fishmaster - see the details in the fishout template in File Sharing menu above.

SOFF has once again invited Flycasters to join them at the Lava Lakes area for a joint fishout.  This has proved to be a great fishout in terms of fishing success as well as the popular campfire storytelling / lying / living legend making tales ... and of course, lots of great food and camaraderie.

Lava Camp Lake 6


Sat Feb 17 @12:00AM
Lower Yuba Fishout
Sun Feb 18 @12:00AM
Lower Yuba Fishout

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