2018 is starting off with a number of excellent fishouts.

 Kelsey Bass Ranch

April 7 is a one day fishout to Kelsey Bass Ranch in the Central Valley.  An excellent stillwater fishout.  Contact fishmaster Jeff Lorelli.  If we get 10 Flycasters for the day we can have the lake all to ourselves. 

Pyramid Lake 559

April 19 - 22 is one of Flycasters' biggest fishouts. Pyramid Lake in Nevada.  Fishmaster Tom Key has Flycasters staying at Crosby Lodge - see the Fishout Template in File Sharing.

Surf Perch 012

May 9th is a mid-week Surf Fishout - contact Luke Sing for details.


May 23rd is our annual Shad Fishout on the Sacramento River -  see the fishout template in File Sharing.  This fishout always fills up quickly so be sure to contact fishmaster Bob Laskodi ASAP.



Fish Cards

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