Kistler Ranch Fishout
When: May 8 (Saturday), 2010
6:30am until sunset
Show up any time during the day
Where: Kistler Ranch Camp
11400 Hwy 108
Jamestown, CA  95327
(18 miles past Oakdale - roughly two hours drive from San Jose)
Details: Excellent fishing for all levels of experience.  Great spot to learn to float tube if you've never done that before.

This is private water (available only to clubs, only on weekends, only during April & May).
We'll have 3 ponds (one large, two small) to ourselves.  We'll be fishing for Bass, Bluegill, and/or Crappie.
You can wade parts of the shore areas if you want.  It's a good place to bring your float
tube, canoe, kayak, pontoon, or other non-motorized small watercraft.

3, 4, or 5 weight rods recommended.  Beadhead wooly buggers, damsel nymphs, leeches, small poppers, trout nymphs, and jigs should all work. In prior years, olive wooly buggers worked well as did frog patterns, green weenie flies, and "anything yellow".
Official Rules from the Owners:
• No motors on boats - float tubes, canoes, kayaks, pontoon boats, etc are OK as long as there are no motors.
• Catch and release with artificial lures/flies only
• Drive on roads only, no vehicles on levees
• Leave gates as you find them
• Guests must be out before dark
• No overnight camping
• No open fires / barbecues ok
• Have fun!!!
Cost: $30/person
Fishmaster: Tim Swihart, cell# 408-242-6208,


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