Fish for large, native, Redband Trout on the Lower Williamson River.  Fishmaster Lloyd Hayes is hosting a fishoutt at The Sportsmen's River Retreat near Chiloquin Oregon.  The Williamson is wide and slow at this point and is fished like a stillwater.  For more details see the Fishout Template under the File Sharing menu above - and open the 2016 Fishouts folder.

williamson river


Last year we fished Virginia Lakes in June and had a great time fishing both Little Virginia and Big Virginia Lakes as well as Trumbul Lake and a couple of the small higher elevation lakes --- This year the fishout is a little later - we hope to avoid the summer crowds and take advantage of the trout feeding frenzy before the Autumn cold weather moves in.  Wade Goertz and Bill Mahan host a mostly DIY trip - attendees need to find their own accommodations, etc.- but we hope everyone can find a way to fish together and enjoy meals together and share fishing information.  For more details see the Fishout Template under the File Sharing menu above - and open the 2016 Fishouts folder.

Virginia Lake


Fishmaster Jeff Lorelli is hosting a fishout to the Eastern Sierra - with access to both the East and West Walker Rivers, Kirman Lake, Heenan Lake, and with a little driving even the Carson Rivers and Virginia Lakes.  You can even backpack your float tube to some higher elevation lakes.  This should prove to be one of the best fishouts of the year - There is a wealth of detailed information in the fishout template --- loads of details --- go to the File Sharing menu above and open the 2016 Fishouts folder and find the Eastern Sierras and Walker River 2016 template.

walker river trout


July 7 - 10 Flycasters are going to Medicine Lake.  Fishmasters Bill Mahan and Bob Bergthold are hosting another camping fishout at this great stillwater.  Rainbow and Brook Trout are the targets.  This is a Thursday thru Sunday fishout - $90 cost for members - see the fishout template in the File Sharing menu above right -

Medlake aerial USGS

For the second year in a row Flycasters are going to the Big Hole Lodge in Montana - an Orvis endorsed lodge and one that has won many awards for excellence in hospitality as well as guided fly fishing.  July 2 - 8 Last year Mike Culcasi achieved the rare Big Hole Slam on his first day - having caught 5 distinct species of trout all in one day.

Mike Culcasi SLAM

July 21 - 24 Todd Osborn is hosting the Mono Creek Backpacking fishout --- see the fishout template under the File Sharing menu -- upper right --- This is always a great fishout into the back country and space is limited - Contact Todd Osborn for details


July 29 - 31 Flycasters once again is going to Yamsi Ranch in Oregon -- We fish on a working cattle ranch on a spring creek which is the headwaters of the Williamson River.  The ranch provides wonderful accommodations, great food, and plenty of river for everyone to fish - see the fishout template in the File Sharing menu - upper right.   Contact Bill Zuravleff for details.

The first week of June features another "scout trip" fishout to Antelope Lake - June 2 - 5 ... Fishmasters Lee Dorius and Bill Mahan are scouting out Antelople Lake in Northeast California to see if it is a good fishing spot for future fishouts. They are inviting other members to join them.  See the fishout template in the File Sharing menu above. 

Scout trips can be real adventures since they are usually the first attempts Flycasters has made at fishing these locations.  This will be a camping fishout and Lee and Bill will be camping at Lone Rock Campground -

antelope darthscooter

And nearer the end of June is our 3rd annual joint fishout with Southern Oregon Fly Fishers to Lava Lakes - June 23 - 26.  Lee Dorius is fishmaster - see the details in the fishout template in File Sharing menu above.

SOFF has once again invited Flycasters to join them at the Lava Lakes area for a joint fishout.  This has proved to be a great fishout in terms of fishing success as well as the popular campfire storytelling / lying / living legend making tales ... and of course, lots of great food and camaraderie.

Lava Camp Lake 6


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