Flycasters Conservation Committee Mission Statement

 The objectives of Flycasters, Inc are to help protect, enhance and restore local, state and national fisheries of all species of fish and types of waters and related habitat through education, volunteer efforts and contributions; with a focus on those waters and fish most important to the Flycasters membership.  It is our mission is to pass on these magnificent resources to future generations.

 The Flycasters Conservation Committee is charged with becoming informed about the problems and opportunities associated with all of our fisheries and to take appropriate action to meet our objectives.  The Committee works to prioritize the many fishery conservation issues and keep the membership informed at meetings and through the club’s publications.

 Typical activities include conservation projects, letter writing, receiving information from the Northern California Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers (NCCFFF) conservation network, monitoring other organizations activities, both government and nongovernment (NGO), and keeping fully informed on current local, state, and national fisheries conservation issues.


                                                    Flycasters Conservation Committee Goals

To fulfill the Conservation Committees mission the following goals have been proposed:

Explore opportunities to be involved in the efforts to restore the fisheries in the local creeks and rivers flowing out of the mountains into South San Francisco bay such as the tributary creeks of the Guadalupe River, Stevens and Permanente Creeks, San Francisquito Creek and Alameda Creek.  Organize a Los Gatos Creek cleanup on the National River Cleanup Day in May and again in the fall during the California Coastal Cleanup Day in the Fall.

Keep the committee and the membership informed of activities associated with conservation in our local area as well as important state and national conservation issues through liason with NCCFFF and others.  Increase the membership awareness of the need to support organizations involved in fisheries conservation by making fly fishers “voices heard” through letter writing, voting and contributions of volunteer time and money.

Fund raising activities to help fund conservation related projects and activities, such as a table at the July club meeting swap meet, fly fishing equipment “rummage” sale at the casting ponds after casting classes or at another time, lead a fishout with proceeds to benefit conservation and an online auction or raffle.  Organize another fishout at a local fishing destination and add a small fee to benefit our conservation efforts.

Develop a cooperative partnership with the Coastal Habitat Education and Environmental Rehabilitation (CHEER) group in their efforts to enhance the Steelhead fisheries in the Uvas Creek/Pajaro River watershed.  The first steps will be to aid in monitoring the creek for signs of fish by viewing easily accessed locations on the creek and tributaries as well as fishing as a way of monitoring fish present in the creek.  Work with CHEER during their fish rescues and creek cleanups as the creeks dry back in early summer.  Help organize and participant in fund raising activities to provide funds for equipment needed in the fish rescues and other general operating expenses.  Find a source of funds, possibly from Santa Clara County Fish & Game Commission fines fund or the Santa Clara Valley Water Districts Grant Program to make signs to place along the creeks to educate the public on littering and pollution as well as the fishing regulations.  Assist in other activities needed to enhance or restore the fisheries in the watershed.



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