Marty Seldon Memorial Conservation Fund Donations


The following are organizations which the Conservation Committee has agreed to support with Flycasters conservation funds.

  • The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

For many years, TNC has worked to protect lands for wildlife including the McCloud River Preserve which is one California’s best wild trout waters.  TNC has supported research work conducted by NOAA-NMFS biologist including the Pajaro River watershed.

  • California Trout (Cal Trout)

Cal Trout is an organization working in all areas of the state to protect and restore our fisheries.  One of the newest projects is the restoration of Hat Creek.  Another is the tagging of trout in the Fall River to track the movement of fish in the watershed.

  • Russian River Wild Steelhead Society (RRWSS)

RRWSS completed the first year on a 5 year project to place large Redwood root wads in several location throughout the main stem of the Russian River.  They need another $40,000 over the next 4 years from donations to complete the project.

  • Fall River Conservancy  (FRC)

FRC has two major problems which need to be addressed to restore the river.  1) Sedimentation in the upper river, 2) Eurasian Water Milfoil aquatic plant in the lower river.  Another project just begun in conjunction with Cal Trout is the Rainbow trout PIT tagging program.

  • Beyond Searsville Dam (Friends of the River)

BSD is working with Friends of the River in the effort to get Stanford University to comply with laws requiring fish passage and flow below the almost 100 year old dam on San Francisquito Creek on Stanford property.  Since Stanford has not been responsive and taken any action to comply, a law suit has been filed.  In the meantime, Stanford has created an internal task force to study the options for dealing with the problematic dam.

  • California Sportfishing Protection Alliance (CSPA)

Bill Jennings is leading the legal battles to protect our fish.  As a lawyer, Bill Jennings along with Chris Shutes have been working using the legal process to win the fights over water flows and water quality, fish passage about dams, etc.   This organization has been an effective advocate for sport fishing and well as commercial fishing.


CHEER does it all on the Uvas/Pajaro watershed.  Need I say more?  They need all the support we can give them.  Herman says the Flycasters are the only ones supporting CHEER and not making things difficult for them.

  • Gualala River Watershed Council (GRWC) NEW

Gualala River is one of the closest coastal steelhead rivers with a good population.  The GRWC has three main ongoing projects – sediment control, large wood in the stream and monitoring.  This is another organization doing a lot of good work with minimal financial support.  At a conference, I have talked Kirsten Sequoia, GRWC Coordinator, about the work of the organization.

  • Western Rivers Conservancy (WRC) NEW

Unlike other conservancy organizations, WRC specifically purchases land adjacent to rivers to protect the land in a wild state in support of our fisheries.  Much of their work has been focused on rivers in the Pacific Northwest; however, they have protected land along the Klamath River and Deer Creek in California.

  • Putah Creek Trout NEW

After talking with Steve Karr, Director of Putah Creek Trout, I learn a great deal about the work of this NGO in conjunction with CDFW Wild and Heritage Trout Program.  Putah Creek is designated a catch and release fishery but has not received Wild Trout water status as yet.  They have conducted electro-fishing surveys, spawning surveys and are working on improving flows below the dam and preventing stream alteration changes.  Other future projects include increasing spawning habitat with gravel augmentation, removal of invasive plant species such as blackberry, creating side channels for juveniles, public and fisherman education, enforcement and signage with fishing regulations, etc.

  • South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) NEW

SRRCL has been in existence for a long time and has worked diligently to prevent more dams from being constructed on the Yuba River and was instrumental after many years of struggle, they were able to get Wild and Scenic River Status for the upper Yuba River.  They are presently actively working to get a new ladder on DaGuerre Point Dam to improve fish passage at the dam and restoration projects on the lower Yuba River for improved fish rearing habitat.

  • Friends of the River (California) NEW

At the present time, the main focus is on dam removal projects; however, they continue to support wild rivers and FERC relicensing of dams.  Many dams in California are in the process of being relicensed and the review process includes making sure the dams are operated to protect many endangered runs of Salmon and Steelhead.  The campaign to save the upper Wild and Scenic Merced River during the relicensing process is a main focus for Friends of the River.

  • Wild Trout Symposium (for 2013 symposium)

Marty Seldon was an organizer from the initial Wild Trout Symposium and all subsequent symposiums, the last in 2010, until his passing.  The committee gave the donation to honor Marty and to support the scholarships in Marty’s name as well to support the organizational efforts.  The Flycasters will be listed as a supporter for the 2013 Wild Trout Symposium in October in Yellowstone National Park.

  • Alameda Creek Alliance NEW

Alameda Creek is another local creek which is getting a lot of attention to restore the steelhead runs.  There are several barriers to fish passage the most important are at two dams on the flood control channel where two fish ladders will be built in 2014 & 2015.  There is a long comprehensive list of other projects which will be getting underway in 2014.

  • Trout Unlimited (TU)  NEW

Although TU has only 3 active chapters in California, TU has been involved in many conservation projects in California.  TU has been the organizer for the off- stream water storage project on Little Arthur Creek, an important spawning tributary of Uvas Creek.  TU has been a good partner to other NGOs in restoration projects with conservation staff members and a good financial base for their work.

  • Tuolumne River Trust NEW

Cindy Charles, NCCFFF VP of Conservation, has been actively involved with the FERC relicensing process on both the Tuolumne and Merced River dams.  The main goals in the process for fish is to get better flows and water temperatures below the dams for the survival of the limited population of Salmon and Steelhead spawning below the dams.  Another fight is to get fish passage above the dam.  The FERC relicensing is a once every 50 year event so final agreements are in place for 50 years – it is important to get in right.

  • Friends of Los Gatos Creek (Steve Holmes) NEW

Steve Holmes recently started this group with what appears to be a large number of supporters and will start by doing a creek clean-up in May.  Steve has plans to expand the Friends effort to doing some monitoring and restoration work such as removing non-native plants and replacing with native species, salmon spawning enhancement and education.  No web site has been developed yet.

  • Cast Hope NEW

Ryan Johnston, a fly fishing guide in Chico, started Cast Hope about 4-5 years ago with the purpose of teaching youth the sport of fly fishing, getting them on the rivers to apply their skills, teaching conservation and river stewardship as well as enjoying the outdoors. Some the youth are underprivileged so all of the programs are provided at no cost to the parents or mentor.  Cast Hope builds mentoring relationships and personal values.  Ryan has the support of other local guides.


Chuck Hamerstad, Conservation Chair

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