Subject: Chasing Chrome in Oregon


 Judy and I have chased winter steelhead in Southwest Oregon for the past 4 years.  Last week (2/2-2/4/2011) we fished near Roseburg for two days and another day near Elkton, Oregon on the main stem of the Umpqua River.  Similar to the last couple of years, catching was good for us.  Over the past 3 years, our average catch for the two of us has been four to five steelheads per day.


We used 10 foot 8 weight rods and dead drifted glow bugs from a jet boat in various types of water.  We both landed 7 steelhead ranging from 6 to 14 pounds, with half the catch over 10 pounds.  The steelheads were wild fish and as you will see from the pictures, very chrome.  These two steelhead are estimated to weigh 13-14 pounds.

Prior to chasing chrome in Oregon, we fished the famous Skeena River region of British Columbia for two seasons.  We have done much better in Oregon in terms of quality and quantity by far.  So, if you are a steelhead chaser and seek quality fishing, you don’t have to travel thousands of miles.  We have the best winter steelhead fishing in the world right across our northern border in Southern Oregon.  The drive to Roseburg is less than 500 miles and can easily be reached by car in less than 9 hours.

One key word of advice …….. if you want to greatly improve your odds, you should hire An experienced steelhead fly fishing guide who spends many, many days on the rivers they guide on.



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