Fishing the Agulapak River in Alaska

In early September, Flycasters Diana Ross, Mike Morselli, Bob Laskodi, and Bob Shoberg plus Diana’s son Aaron fished the Agulapak River in SW Alaska with Reel Wilderness Adventures ( .


The Agulapak is in Wood-Tikchik State Park near Bristol Bay, Alaska.  Reel Wilderness is a fly-in camp located on Lake Nerka and about a 15 minute boat ride from the Agulapak River.  We stayed in comfortable Weatherport tents, everyone having their own weatherport.   David Taylor, the owner runs a great camp and we all had a fantastic time.  The Sockeye were ending their spawn and the river had thousands of spawning Sockeye.  Behind the Salmon were large numbers of Arctic Char, Rainbow Trout, and Grayling gorging themselves on Salmon eggs.  Brown Bears were roaming the shore feeding on salmon accompanied by hundreds of Sea Gulls.  We primarily fished beads and everyone caught large numbers of extremely strong fish.  It was not unusual to catch 40-50 Arctic Char, Rainbow Trout plus some Grayling per person each day, all of them about 4-5+ pounds.  Our guides were all excellent and had a large selection of beads for our use.  I was surprised how a subtle difference in color or size made in the number of fish we caught.  The trout averaged from 23” to 25” weighing around 5 lbs and looked like footballs..  The Arctic Char went from 4 to about 8 pounds and we caught a lot more Char than Rainbows.  And, catching Char or Bows, landing such strong fish in fast water on a 6 wt was a lot of fun and physically tiring.


 In addition to catching a lot of big strong fish, we ate very well. Dan, the chief cooked  excellent meals and David had a cooler loaded with Alaskan Amber beer plus a great selection of wines.  All in all, it was a great trip with all the essentials - Good fishing, good food and good friends.


I recommend Reel Wilderness Adventures as a great place to fish.  You can check them out at the Pleasanton Fly Fishing show or go to



Bob Shoberg


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