This past year the Ed Foundation had a rough go of it.  The California DFG delayed the implementation of the STEP Program (Salmon Trout Education Program) and it looked like the students might not have the opportunity to learn about the life cycle of Coastal Steelhead.  But Don Chesarek and Hugh Miller perservered and made it happen.  Classroom teachers were able to attend the necessary training classes and the fertilized steelhead eggs were delivered to the classrooms.

If you wonder why our Education Foundation continues to do this activity - and continues to excel at it - and fights so hard and so mightily to be able to continue this effort .... All you have to do is look at the THANK YOUs they receive.

The top line of this page reads "So far, raising trout eggs was the best school experience ever!" 


Teaching young people the value of clean, fresh, unimpeded water .... letting them learn and appreciate the life cycle of an animal most had never heard of before ... and most importantly giving them the opportunity to PARTICIPATE in raising the eggs to maturity and setting them free is a profoundly rewarding experience.

Students - and teachers - send cards and letters expressing their enormous gratitude in being a part of this noble effort.

The Ed Foundation does a superb job and Flycasters is immensely proud of them - this year especially.

If you would like to be a part of this richly rewarding experience - contact Hugh Miller or Don Chesarek. 

Perhaps you have children in school, or grandchildren, or nieces and nephews, or neighbors - you may be a teacher or be married to a teacher, or know a teacher - everyone benefits from the work of Flycasters Education Foundation.


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