If you are new to Flycasters of San Jose and want to know more about our club - where we fish, what the club does, how we learn from one another - then please join us for our annual New Member Seminar. 

If you are new to fly fishing the seminar will be presenting the basics in freshwater and saltwater fly fishing, as well as tips on fishing safety and etiquette.

If you have been fly fishing for a while and still find yourself wanting to learn more this is a great opportunity to show up and ask questions.

We encourage all our members to get more involved with the club.  This is the chance to meet the club's committee chairs and get to know how you can help our club be even better. 

We want to know where you want to go fishing and what kinds of fly fishing you want to do.


The New Member Seminar is the perfect place to spend a couple hours to get some of your questions answered, learn some new things, interact with some others interested in the sport and come away with some new knowledge, and especially get to meet and chat with some new friends and some old buddies.

The New Member Seminar is FREE - all we want is your participation.  We will be meeting at the Senior Center - the corner of Payne and Saratoga - at 7:00PM on Wednesday May 26, 2010

Bring a notebook and a pen, your questions and suggestions, bring your enthusiasm, and you can even bring a friend or two if you think they'd like to learn more about our club.

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