Some years back it started with handheld GPS (Global Positioning Systems) units that people used to track their movements and find exact locations using the military satellites system.  Next, it moved to your cell phones, then into your cars, was expanded in your "smart phone" and now is available in your cameras. What is it and why is it getting to be such a big thing?

On Wednesday, June 23rd we will discuss the terminology, uses and applications of GPS, how you can have fun with it and even use it to help you catch fish.  Sign up for this seminar and come away with a much better understanding of what it does and where it is going.

We'll be meeting at 7:00 PM, Wednesday, June 23, 2010 in our usual meeting room at the Senior Center - near the corner of Payne and Saratoga

Material will be handed out and pre-registration is suggested.

Prior use of a GPS is not required, prior use of a fly rod may be.

In order to make sure we will have enough handouts please sign-up - there is no charge - at the June 9th Flycasters meeting.  Or contact Wade Goertz (408) 272-3990

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