One way to get really good at tying knots is to practice in the shower with the water running, the lights off, and a fan blowing in your face.  At least that is what Bob Price suggested.  I think he was kidding .... I hope he was kidding.  The classes he and Jim Degnan teach are held in a classroom, not in the shower.  How and where you practice are up to you.

Bob Price and Jim Degnan teach a series of Knots Classes for our members.  Each class is 2 nights - a Tuesday and Thursday evening - 7:00 PM at the Conference Room, Building M, Room 250, Winchester Plaza,  1101 South Winchester Blvd., San Jose.  The cost is $10 and space is limited to 10 members.

The Advanced Knots Class will focus knots used in fishing for species over 50 pounds.  Bob and Jim will be teaching how to tie a Bimini Twist, Speed Nail Knot, Slim Beauty Knot, Huffnagle Knot, Albright Knot, Homer Rhodes Loop Knot, Three Turn Clinch Knot, and Furling a Double Line.

The Advanced Knots Class will take place September 14 and 16, and space is still available.  You do not need to have taken either the Beginning Knots or the Intermendiate Knots Class to enroll in the Advanced Knots Class.

Sign up at the September 8 Flycasters Meeting - for more information contact Wade Goertz    or Bob Price

Both the Beginning and Intermediate Classes were great successes.  Having "hands on" instruction greatly improved my grasp of how to correctly tie the knots as well as understanding their uses.   Plus I get immediate feedback if I tie the knot correctly or not - after all, it's not much good if I practice tying the knot at home if I am tying it wrong.


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