At the Shad Fishout earlier this year members learned first hand how hard it is to cast into the teeth of a relentless wind.  Standing on the east shore of the Sacramento River and heaving a fly line due west directly into a stiff wind proved very difficult for all but a few Flycasters.

Tony Yap is conducting a casting clinic which will address this exact situation.  How to effectively cast in windy conditions.

The clinic will take place on Saturday morning October 19 at 10:00am at the Casting Ponds at Los Gatos Creek Park.

Tony is a master caster and an exceptional teacher.  No matter what your casting skill level, attending this clinic will enhance your ability to cast in the wind.

The fee is $10 per member - the proceeds will help the Tournament Casting Team pay tournament expenses.  $10 cash or checks payable to Flycasters Inc.

Bring your gear, eye protection (a must), maybe some sunscreen, a snack - the clinic will be a couple of hours - and as Tony says --- "Bring an open mind."

Sign up at the October 9 meeting - or you can show up at the ponds with your ten bucks - there should be plenty of space for all who wish to attend.

Contact Wade Goertz for more information




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