Even without water in the ponds Tony Yap can teach any of us to be more efficient casters.

On Thursday evening - September 10th - from 5:00pm to 8:00pm - Tony will be conducting a casting clinic which will focus on understanding the mechanics of EFFICIENT CASTING. We'll be at the casting ponds at Los Gatos Creek Park - water in the ponds or not

Say "So long" to sore shoulders and arms ... when you learn to cast with greater efficiency you use less muscle and gain more distance and accuracy. 

Shooting Head class 2014 braving the storm IMG 2101

Bring your favorite fly rod - 5wt to 10wt - remember to bring yarn - no hooks allowed -- maybe a pen and paper to take notes

Be sure to bring eye protection - it will be getting close to sundown but you still MUST wear eye protection to participate - no glasses and you will not be allowed to cast with the club.  Yellow lens sunglasses are great in low light -

The BBQ will once again be fired up and dogs and 'Brats will be hot and tasty.

The clinic is FREE for members of Flycasters

There is a $6 parking fee if you park inside the park ... otherwise it may be a long walk out to the street.

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