You need to connect your fly to your tippet -- you need to connect your tippet to your leader - you need to connect your leader to a butt section - you need to connect the butt section to your flyline - well, you get the idea.

Blood Knot 002

It takes a lot of knots - and a lot of different KINDS of knots - to present your fly to a (hopefully) eager fish. And those knots need to be tied correctly if you want to fight and land that fish.

OnTuesday evening, May 16, at 7:00pm, at the Moreland Apts meeting room, Flycasters is holding an Introductory Knots Class taught by Bob Laskodi.

8 different knots will be featured - the Uni-Knot - The Eugene Bend - The Non Slip Mono Loop - The Seaguar Knot - The Blood Knot - The Nail Knot - The Perfection Loop - The Surgeon's Knot

Space is limited to 12 members - materials and tools will be provided - or participants can bring their own nippers and 8 to 12 pound tippet.

Sign up at the May 10th meeting - cost will be $10 per member - cash or checks payable to Flycasters Inc.


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