Much of the interest and fun in belonging to Flycasters is learning about fly fishing from the many seminars which are organized, managed and conducted by volunteer members. Some seminars and classes focus on varying skill levels (beginning, intermediate and advanced) allowing an angler to progress and achieve a high level of expertise

Flycasters is presenting a follow up to the panel discussion on Tropical Salt Water Fly Fishing which began at the January Flycasters meeting.

On Wednesday evening, January 22nd, at 7:00pm at the Moreland Apts Community Room - our regular meeting site.

The subject of fly fishing in tropical waters encompasses a great deal of information - Once again our panel will be discussing topics which will include:

Target Species




Travel planning

How to get started

Join us on Wednesday, January 22nd for this FREE seminar.

Contact Wade Goertz for more information


Bob Davis is putting on a rod building seminar.  It will take place over 6 nights.  Tuesdays and Thursdays - January 14th &16th will be the initial classes – then a two week break to allow you to buy the materials and tools you might want – and then classes resume February 4th &6th, 11th & 13th and one or two more nights, if needed.


We are going to be holding the classes at The Brinton House – 1051 Morse St., San Jose, CA 95126 - right next door to the Quaker Meeting House.


Each session will begin at 7:00pm and last a couple of hours.


The cost of the seminar will be $20.

Make your checks payable to Flycasters, Inc.


The first sessions will be an overview of rod building.  A look at the materials and tools you will need and how and where to buy them.  There will be a demonstration of finding the “spine” or “spline” of the rod blank.

Subsequent classes will include:

How to attach a reel seat – and attach the tip top

How to attach the grip – how to fashion a grip

How to space the guides and how to wrap them

How to finish your fly rod


Sign-ups will take place at the December and January Club meetings - contact Wade Goertz


Bill Nelson will be delivering five hours (!) of in-depth instruction in tying Dick Nelson's signature fly.

The Aztec is a simple, inexpensive, indestructible, and effective streamer.

In the Club tying classes, we teach the Aztec.  In this workshop, you'll learn the Aztec.

During the workshop you'll learn and practice the techniques needed to tie all of the patterns of the  main branch of the Aztec family.

Additional printed instructions cover five variations, including adding gills, eyes, or fins; tying point-up Aztecs; and using different materials for the body.  Plus other instructions to tie the closely related patterns, The Hi-Crest Aztec and the Manta.

And, since there was space left in the binders, bonus instructions for five other Nelson yarn patterns and for making and attaching the Nelson Point Guard.

Included are twenty-five examples of all of the above flies, and materials sufficient to tie dozens, if not hundreds, for yourself.

The class is limited to five students.
Please, no raw, beginning tiers.

Questions or sign-up via email at

Sign-up sheet and payment at the December and January Flycasters meetings.

Date- Saturday, January 25
Time- 11:30am - 4:30pm
Place- the conference room in building M, 1101 S. Winchester Blvd., SJ
(courtesy of Bob Davis)
Cost- $25 (snacks included) 

Cash or checks payable to Bill Nelson

At the Shad Fishout earlier this year members learned first hand how hard it is to cast into the teeth of a relentless wind.  Standing on the east shore of the Sacramento River and heaving a fly line due west directly into a stiff wind proved very difficult for all but a few Flycasters.

Tony Yap is conducting a casting clinic which will address this exact situation.  How to effectively cast in windy conditions.

The clinic will take place on Saturday morning October 19 at 10:00am at the Casting Ponds at Los Gatos Creek Park.

Tony is a master caster and an exceptional teacher.  No matter what your casting skill level, attending this clinic will enhance your ability to cast in the wind.

The fee is $10 per member - the proceeds will help the Tournament Casting Team pay tournament expenses.  $10 cash or checks payable to Flycasters Inc.

Bring your gear, eye protection (a must), maybe some sunscreen, a snack - the clinic will be a couple of hours - and as Tony says --- "Bring an open mind."

Sign up at the October 9 meeting - or you can show up at the ponds with your ten bucks - there should be plenty of space for all who wish to attend.

Contact Wade Goertz for more information




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