Join us on Wednesday evening Septermber 13th for our club meeting - the featured program speaker will be Greg Vinci - his program will focus on Fly Fishing along the HWY 395 corridor on the eastern side of our state.

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Greg excelled as a commercial photographer for a number of years and then spent twenty one years as the owner of Sierra Pacific Products, where he innovated many popular fly fishing tackle and accessory products, Greg sold that business in 2010. Since then he has been able to re-establish a relationship with his first loves, writing & photography, and his work can be now seen in many fly fishing and outdoor magazines. He has also just completed his first book “Flyfisher’s Guide to California” which was published in December of 2015.

In addition he also travels around California speaking to fly fishing clubs. Among the subjects that Greg writes about are fly fishing (of course), California history, and the California wine industry. He also created and manages the web site

Flycasters monthly meetings are held at the Moreland Apts meeting room - the northeast corner of Payne and Saratoga Ave.  Doors open at 6:30pm and the meeting wil begin at 7:15 - Park across the street at the shopping center and use the crosswalk please.  (Lock valuables in the trunk of your car - unfortunately there have been break-ins lately)

Rob has managed a fly fishing travel business dating back to 2003 and has hosted trips to the Amazon Jungle for 15 years. In early 2016 Rob took the leap from host and travel agent to Owner Operator. Rob’s new Peacock Bass operation is in its 2nd season and first full year on the ultra-exclusive Xeriuini River Preserve. Less people will get to fish this un-touched part of the Amazon each year than will get to climb Mt. Everest. In January 2018 the first anglers will get to see part of this amazing fishery in over 15 years. Rob’s Power Point Program will not only highlight this new adventure but also give anglers an insight to one of the baddest fish alive - The Peacock Bass - along with many other species in the Amazon Jungle.

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Join us on Wednesday evening - August 9th - at the Moreland Apts meeting room - the Northeast corner of Payne and Saratoga Ave.  - Park across the street and use the crosswalk. (Lock your valuables in the trunk - there have been break-ins lately)

Doors open at 6:30pm and the meeting will begin at 7:15 -

For more than a decade Flycasters has held a Swap Meet instead of a formal club meeting in July - this year the Swap Meet will be held on July 12th - at the Moreland Apts meeting room.  Doors will open early at 6:00pm and business should be concluded by 8:30pm --- Doors locked at 9:00


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First - every year members bring loads of their "extra" gear, clothes, flies, fly tying materials, books, and everything fly fishing related you can think of.  There are always bargains -- sellers leave with less gear than they brought and buyers leave with more gear than when they came in.  Especially for those new to fly fishing or new to the club it is a great place to buy the gear you need at really low prices.

Second - The Tournament Casting Team will be raising money for the ACA National Casting Tournament - being hosted by San Jose Flycasters July 26 - 30 This will be another opportunity to show your support

Third - the Conservation Committee will be selling items on its table and the proceeds help fund the efforts of the Conservation Committee - theirs is typically the largest table with the most gear and some of the best bargains.

Fourth - it is a great social event.  Everyone gets to hang out and talk --- all night long ---- Plan trips, catch up with one another, and simply socialize.

Fifth -- the only formal business is that you can sign up for any upcoming fishouts, seminars, clinics, and other club events. Sign up sheets and the fishmasters will be on hand to answer questions.

It is a great event -- hope you can make it ...

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