If you fished, attended a class, caught fish, went to a seminar, netted fish, spent time at the ponds, held a fish, tied flies, wished you had caught a fish, stood alongside a river or stream, cursed because you missed a fish, floated on a lake ... if you participated in a club fishout or other activity (and got caught on film – FILM?!? What’s film??? ) Then chances are you will be featured on the big screen in the December Program –

The Flycasters YEAR IN REVIEW.

Bob Shoberg with a tarpon

Always one of the most anticipated shows of the year is the one in which we take a look at ourselves - usually grinning from ear to ear with a big fish in our hands. 

Hopefully many hundreds of photos have been submitted for Rich Stevens to assemble into a program that highlights all the activities Flycasters have pursued throughout 2017.

Make plans to attend the December 13th meeting and see what we did and how much fun we had.

"When you least expect it - you're elected .... You're the star today. 

SMILE, you're on candid camera !!”

Meetings are the Moreland Apts meeting room - the northeast corner of Payne and Saratoga Ave.  Park across the street and use the crosswalk - Lock valuable out of sight, unfortunately there have been a few break-ins over the last couple of years.  Doors open at 6:30pm and the meeting begins at 7:15 ---- See you there ---

Jay Murakoshi, South of the Border


Jay is well known to Flycasters ... and for the November 8th meeting he will be focusing on the great saltwater fly fishing opportunities in Mexico.

Jay has been a professional in the fly fishing industry for over 40 years.  An innovative fly tier he has tied for most of California's fly shops and has had patterns featured in Fly Fishing in Salt Waters, California Fly Fisher, Western Outdoors, North and SouthWest Fly Fishing and is a contributing writer for FFSW magazine.  Jay has developed a few top water bass patterns as well as salt water patterns.
Jay is on pro staff for TFO, Galvan Reels, RIO products, SmithAction, Angler’s Sports Group (Dai Ichi Hooks), Gamakatsu, Flymenfishing Company.  He runs his own travel business taking people south of the border to the La Paz area of BCS. 

Join us on November 8th for our monthly meeting - You can signup for the Fall Fly Tying Classes and the Introductory Knots Class. There is still one spot open for the 2018 Big Hole Lodge in Montana trip -

Doors open at 6:30pm and the meeting will begin at 7:15 --- Park across the street and use the crosswalk at Payne Ave. - Lock your valuables out of sight - unfortunately we have had a couple of breakins recently.

Flycasters' October meeting will feature Patrick Samuel as the featured program speaker. 

Patrick is the Bay Area Conservation Manager for California Trout, a new position, where he is developing strategic conservation partnerships and projects in the Bay Area. 

Talk title:

State of the Salmonids II

Fish in Hot Water

Patrick Samuel web

Please join us on Wednesday October 11th - Our meeting takes place at the Moreland Aps meeting room - the northeast corner of Payne and Saratogo Ave.  Doors are open at 6:30pm and the meeting gets under way at 7:15 -

Details on upcoming fishouts to the O'Neill Forebay, Davis Lake, and the Klamath / Trinity River, seminars, and other club activities will be available - and our monthly RAFFLE TABLE - and fish stories and fishing stories --- and contrary to what you may have heard, most of these are true.

Park across the street at the shopping center and use the crosswalk please.  (Lock valuables in the trunk of your car - unfortunately there have been break-ins lately)

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