John R. Ganter

John has been fly fishing for over 40 years and fly tying almost as long. He has had over 50 articles published in fly fishing magazines. He does demonstration fly tying at various venues including the FFF national conclaves and The Fly Fishing Show. He teaches fly tying and does club presentations when he is not fishing. He has guided and managed a fishing lodge. He has produced and sells CD's and DVD's that teach tiers to tie many of his fly patterns.  John lives in Redding with his dog Riley. He is a long time member of Shasta Trinity Fly Fishers.

He has been presenting his "Bugology 101" program to fly clubs for a few years. He is not a professional  entomologist, and presents all of his programs as an angler and for anglers. Bugology 101 teaches the angler to recognize and identify the major aquatic insects (without getting into Latin names and unnecessary minutiae) in both their adult and nymphal stages. The program than looks at flies that imitate the insects. This program is designed to help you catch more fish.


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