Steve Potter: Christmas of 1990 is when Steve received the gift of his first fly tying kit. In complete enjoyment he practiced for hours upon end, tying many different types of flies. Steve gained further expertise in this area from studying the pros like Billy Munn, Jimmy Nix and Chris Helm. As time went on, spinning deer hair not only became a favorite of Steve’s, but he was a natural at it.

Steve’s been tying bass bugs and trout flies ever since receiving that first fly tying kit. He has demonstrated his tying skills in Oregon, Idaho, Montana and California at Federation of Fly Fishing events. Steve has also tied at the International Sportsman’s Expositions in Pleasanton, San Mateo, and Sacramento, California. The Fly Fishing Shows in San Rafael and Pleasanton, California have featured Steve as one of their tiers.

The waters of the Sierra supply various species of trout that make a bountiful day of fishing - well worth the time spent at the tying table! Steve also enjoys wetting his fly line out on the California Delta for Largemouth and Striped Bass. As a team member in 2008, Steve took first place at the 1st California Delta Bass and Fly Competition.

Ben Byng: Fishing has been in Ben’s blood since he was a young boy. His grandfather took him on many journeys from the Great Lakes to the Florida Keys. His father took him on summertime trips to Eastern Idaho for remote small stream fishing and high mountain adventures. These experiences have armed Ben with lessons that would follow him into fly-fishing. Having the California Delta in his backyard, Ben has spent many hours jamming in his boat through this 1200-mile waterway looking for Striped Bass. This is his fly-fishing wintertime playground.

In the summers of 2000-2005, Ben helped Andre Puyans with his Fly Fishing Seminars in Eastern Idaho at Elk Creek Ranch. Ben with the help of Andre and has worked his way to Operations Manager.
You can catch Ben tying at the International Sportsmen’s Exops and the Fly-Fishing Shows on the West Coast. If you have time stop by and see what he is tying. Ben’s time is spent now as an instructor for Wilderness Unlimited Fly Fishing clinics and The Becoming An Outdoor Women Fly Fishing clinics. Both highly attended fly fishing schools.

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