Our December Program is the annual YEAR IN REVIEW

If you fished, attended a class, caught fish, went to a seminar, netted fish, spent time at the ponds, held a fish, tied flies, wished you had caught a fish, stood alongside a river or stream, cursed because you missed a fish, floated on a lake ... if you participated in a club fishout or other activity (and got caught on film) then chances are you will be featured on the big screen in the December YEAR IN REVIEW.

Always one of the most anticipated shows of the year is the one in which we take a look at ourselves - usually grinning from ear to ear with a big fish in our hands.


Hopefully many hundreds of photos have been submitted for Gloria to assemble into a program that highlights all the activities Flycasters have pursued throughout 2014.

Make plans to attend the December meeting and remember how much we did and how much fun we had.

"When you least expect it - you're elected .... You're the star today.  SMILE, you're on candid camera."





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