My presentation on Do-It-Yourself Fishing Trips to Out-of-State Locations will cover the topics outlined below, with examples and photos of actual DIY trips, from Alaska to Argentina. Although cost saving is a big part of DIY, there are also advantages of flexibility of fishing times, guides, and companions, a better chance to meet local people and their culture and knowledge, and the basic satisfaction of planning and organizing a great trip that you will remember with pleasure for years.

Why DIY? – Cost, flexibility, immersion, satisfaction

Basic Consideration – Where, when, who with, how, budget

Guides – finding, judging, contacting, agreeing

Accommodations – style, finding, judging, contacting, agreeing

Food – style (e.g., gourmet, basic, camp-out), finding, judging

Transportation – air, ground, local, float trips, cost and time comparisons

Clothes and Gear – information, judging, redundancy, packing

Health – information, meds, sun&insect, insurance, Global Rescue, communication

Documents – passport, driver’s license, appropriate credit cards and currency, addresses

Miscellaneous – computer, books, maps, binocs, snorkel, repair kit, knife, copies of docs.

Final Budget – agreement with companion, if any; contingency plans

Check List – (a handout will give a template/example, as well as some DIY websites)

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