Without question ... the most anticipated program of our calendar year is the December FLYCASTERS YEAR IN REVIEW.

Club Historian Rich Stevens has been slaving over the hundreds of photos club members have submitted and he will be showing us in all our glory -- or infamy -- as the case may be.

The club meeting will be in the usual spot at Moreland Apts meeting room - corner of Payne and Saratoga - Doors open at 6:15pm for socializing and then at 7:15 the business meeting starts. 

Wherever you fished - whatever you did - who you did it with - and what you caught on film (film?) will be on display as we look back over all the club activities of 2015.

Mike on the Big Hole

December is also a good time to buy your 2016 Banquet tickets - and start to make plans for 2016 ...

Join us December 9 for a night where we get to see ourselves on the big screen.

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