On Wednesday, January 11th, Bob Laskodi will be presenting “Alaska on the Fly – On the Cheap”, a discussion on how you can fish Alaska for about $175 a day and catch the biggest trout of your life.


The program will focus on the road accessible waters on The Kenai Peninsula and discuss the locations, methods, and techniques used to catch trophy rainbow trout and char, silver salmon, and steelhead.


Be advised in advance that this program contains some serious “fish porn” that will leave you drooling and ready to go to Alaska!

Bob Laskodi Alaska

Bob is an Alaskan veteran, fishing the various waters of the expansive state since the 1980’s. He has fished everything from the deluxe fly out lodges, to wilderness backcountry camps, to the roadside waters, and loves every minute he can spend in the beautiful state. Bob’s pictures have been published in several Alaska publications, most recently being featured as a contributing photographer to Gunnar Pedersen’s fantastic guidebook, “The Alaska Roadside Angler’s Guide”.  

Bob has been fly fishing since the 1970’s and after retiring from a “real job”, owned and operated a retail fly fishing store, Fly Anglers Unlimited in Pleasanton, California. Currently, Bob is active in his local fly club, San Jose Flycasters, and has previously served on the Board of Directors, including a term as President.


Doors open at 6:30pm and the meeting will begin at 7:15 --- Park across the street and use the crosswalk --

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