The March 10, 2010 meeting will feature a program presented by Tom Maumoynier titled “Fishing the Lake Almanor and Butt Valley areas”.








Tom’s Bio:


Tom Maumoynier is the owner of The Lake Almanor Fly-fishing Co.  His shop is located at 262 Main Street in Chester.  It is a full service fly shop providing equipment, guiding, instruction and of course local flies.



Tom opened the shop out of a long time love for all types of fly fishing.  He first started fly fishing in the late 60’s, mostly dry fly fishing in the Sierra’s.  In the 70’s he moved to the north shore of Lake Tahoe where he learned to tie flies and build fly rods.  He was fortunate to take a fly tying class from Joe Huesfelt, who was amazing.  The rod building was self taught and has actually turned out to be a large part of his business.  In the 80’s, Tom moved back and forth between Grass Valley and Truckee.  In that time period Tom met his wife Mary and they had two boys.  Mary is a great fly fishing partner, her only requirement is to return from fishing happy.  In Grass Valley Tom worked at the Mother Lode Anglers for Jeff Adams and got to know Willie Hall, both very good fishermen.


In 1990, Tom returned to the Lake Almanor area.  His first time fishing at Butt Valley Reservoir, Tom ran into another fly fisherman.  Tom told him he had just moved there.  He quickly informed Tom that he had moved to some of the best Stillwater fly fishing in the nation, and he was right.  Shortly after that Tom met Hal Janssen.  There are a few people in your life that open your eyes to  a whole new way at looking fly fishing, and Hal was the one those people.  From fly tying to Stillwater fishing, Tom’s knowledge and technique took a giant leap.


Tom has guided for magazine writers, champion fly casters and Super Bowl heroes.  He is a past president of The Lake Almanor Fly Fishing Association and he has been very lucky to be able to live the passion we all share.





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