Listed below are non-government organizations the Flycasters Conservation Committee recommends our members should consider supporting.  These mostly local or State organizations are directly involved with activities associated with our fisheries here in California.

Federation of Fly Fishers - We have a long history of being affiliated with FFF and the ability to take advantage of some of the benefits the FFF provides, such as liability insurance, free TFO fly rod for 12 club members joining the FFF, availability of funds for conservation projects, etc. 

California Sport Fishing Protection Alliance - The CSPA has a heavy focus on negotiations of dam operation relicensing through the FERC process; however they do get involved other issues such as water quality and illegal water diversions.  This is a small organization with hard working knowledgeable people who accomplish a great deal with limited amount of funds.  Their web site is informative to keep up to date with position statements and actions being taken on California conservation issues important to California sport fishers. 

California Trout (Cal Trout) - Early on Cal Trout worked with CA DFG to develop California’s Wild Trout Program with special regulation such as artificial lures, single barbless hook, catch and release, and limited take regulations.  Cal Trout continues to oversee our Trout and Steelhead fisheries and works to protect our fisheries for the future. 

The Nature Conservancy - This nationwide organization is active in California in preserving sensitive and critical areas important to the protection of our environment and our fisheries. The Conservancy has preserved land on the McCloud River which provides a protected and improved fishing experience for fly fishers.  Another program involves working with farmers and ranchers to set up conservation protection easements on their private lands.  These are only two of the many programs performed by the Conservancy. 

Friends of the River - This California based organization has a strong emphasis on finding and facilitating the removal of outdated and non-functional small dams on our rivers and streams.  They are helping the Alameda Creek Alliance and Beyond Searsville Dam in their efforts to remove barriers to migration of Steelhead here in the bay area. 

Santa Clara County Creeks Coalition - Former Flycasters Conservation Committee Chairman, Mondy Lariz is the Director coordinating volunteer efforts to enhance the creeks flowing out of the Santa Cruz Mountains into south S. F. Bay.  They do insect monitoring, water quality sampling and other minor riparian corridor enhancements.  

Alameda Creek Alliance - Alameda Creek flows into southeast S. F. bay from the hills to the east.  As did many of our local creeks, the creek once supported a robust population of Steelhead.  However, development has resulted in riparian habitat destruction, pollution and obstructions to fish migration to upstream spawning habitat.  The Alliance has facilitated the rehabilitation of the creek and a few Steelhead have been seen using the creek.  Considerable more work needs to be done.  

Salmon Water Now - This group works “to raise public awareness of the plight of wild Pacific salmon, fisherman and coastal communities dependent on healthy freshwater flow in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.”  Many videos have been produced covering the many activities and issues surrounding the water problems in the Central Valley.  

Stevens Permanente Creek Watershed Council - The SPCWC mission “is to engage the community in wise stewardship of out watershed, furthering the protection, restoration and community appreciation of creeks and associated habitats.  This will be accomplished through collaboration and consensus in a manner that is sensitive to the needs of the entire community. 

CHEER (Coastal Habitat Education & Environmental Rehabilitation)  -This Gilroy, CA, based group has a fresh take on environmental programming.  Its mission is to restore coastal ecosystems but do so in a way that safeguards resource-based local economies.  CHEER recognizes the varied interests are represented in local economies.  It believes that assessing and reconciling these interests so that each group profits by cooperation in restoration efforts is the key to more effective environmental programming.”  Because of this philosophy, CHEER, has been very effective in gaining the cooperation of the community in all of the efforts to restore and enhance the UVAS Creek Watershed.  Flycasters has an opportunity to collaborate with CHEER on projects in the UVAS watershed. 

NCCFFF Hall of Fame (for conservation) - Each year, “the NCCFFF honors an individual, or individuals, who have made an outstanding contribution to our sport with their induction into the NCCFFF Hall of Fame.”  Proceeds from this event go to the NCCFFF conservation fund to support the work of people and organization working on conservation issues and projects. 

Earthjustice - An Oakland based organization with a staff of about 150; Earthjustice “has provided legal representation at no cost, to more than 700 clients from the Natural Resource Defense Council and the Wilderness Society to community-based coalitions.”  With the many law suits filed in California around the sensitive water issues, Earthjustice has provided legal support to fisheries NGO’s. 

FFF Conservation Foundation.  This fund is ongoing and used to support important activities of the FFF, such as youth education and programs, fly tying, fly casting and conservation projects for affiliated clubs, etc.

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