Speaker - Jack Trout
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I will be covering the Spencer Baird, Livingston Stone and the entire history regarding how Trout, Steelhead and Salmon were shipped out all over the Southern Hemisphere and the U.S. Pictures from the 1800's of the McCloud, Pit, Upper Sac before dams or even Shasta Lake.
Do you know about the Gov. Aqua Train Car that was built to transport fish after the completion of the transcontinental rail road, they built 10 of them.
Have you ever wondered how the shad got into the Lower Sac? How you ever wondered where the striper bass came from and how they survived the 2900 mile journey across the United States?
There are 3 famous private clubs on the McCloud River, have you ever wondered how they were purchased and by whom. See very rare photos rarely ever seen on the west coast from the Smithsonian, Library of Congress and local historical societies and ones given to me by club members in the past. Learn about the entire history of the north state from 1840 to present. This will be a history / fly fishing lesson, bring your note pads folks I've got great stories to tell.

I will also be showing modern fly fishing pictures of rivers and destinations, as they guide on in Northern California as well as Argentina, Belize & Chile.

Jack Trout


Come spend the afternoon with us in the park. The park? It’s Los Gatos Creek Park on Saturday, August 23rd. The occasion? It’s a “no occasion” occasion, no fund raising or games. Just an old fashion barbeque with a few updates.

Here are the some details. We have reserved the pavilion. Dress is casual. Hors d’oeuvres and libations will be served for 2:00 until 4:00 and a full barbeque from 4:00 on. The menu will include tri-tips. chicken and ribs, salad and French bread.

There is a charge of $10.00 per person and advance reservations are a must. We will not be able to accommodate walk-ins as we must have a head count in advance.

A registration form is available in this issue of Flylines and will also be available at the July and August general meeting. Deadline for reservations August 13th.

Questions?  Call Jo Hood at 408-354-5320 or 408-499-5191.






This summer you will undoubtedly be basking in the nice weather and thinking, gee, wouldn’t it be great to be fishing in the beautiful California Sierras, up in the mountains, away from it all, I mean, *really* away from it all?  Tons of sunshine, cooperative fish, nobody around, what’s not to like?  When you call around, you’ll discover that you can’t exactly be guaranteed a slot on the river/trail you’d like.   You can probably get some wilderness permit, but to get to the best fishing you would have had to made a reservation six months ago … which is exactly what we did for you.

The Flycasters have permits and plans for fishouts to three amazing Sierra destinations this summer, all carefully selected to be potentially fantastic fishing, awesome scenery, and yet be accessible to backpackers and fishermen of all ability levels.  The first is the San Joaquin River above Lake Florence July 10, then the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness July 24, and finally, Tuolumne Meadows to Glen Aulin, Sept 11. 

If you were an out-of-state visitor looking for a quintessential California Fishing Wilderness adventure, you’d no-doubt be paying hundreds of dollars *a day* for the privilege, but with the Flycasters, our fishouts will cost dollars a day, and your membership fee gets you the camaraderie and expertise of your fellow members as well as the experience and planning of the fishmaster.  These are backpacking trips and require backpacking several miles on mountain trails.   Most of the preparation is somewhat do-it-yourself, but you knew that.

For more detail, see the fishout descriptions on this web site under File Sharing / 2014 Fishouts.   There are a very limited number of slots on these trips, you might want to contact the fishmaster as soon as possible.

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