Once a year Flycasters abandons its usual meeting format and holds a Swap Meet -

On July 8 - 6:15pm to 9:00pm at the Moreland Apts meeting room - where our meetings take place each month -

The Conservation Committee will have a table (or two) loaded with gear for you to purchase and the proceeds help fund Flycasters Conservation efforts.

In fact, the Conservation Committee is hoping for donations to place on their table(s) so you can help out two ways - Donate your unwanted gear and buy some of the gear you need - It is a WIN WIN scenario for everyone

Conact Chuck Hammerstad to donate your gear chamerstad@aol.com

fly rods in rack small

And of course, you can sell your own gear - pocket some extra cash - and turn around and buy someone else's gear --- One man's trash is another man's treasure ---

Join us on July 8th - it's an informal meeting and you can socialize and talk all you want - maybe even spin a few fish tales

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