The Summer Celebration Picnic and BBQ starts at 11:00am on Sunday August 20th -

But you can get the day started casting the smooth and slower actions of bamboo and fibergalss rods.


Starting at 9:00am Tom Key and Dennis Buranek will bring a number of bamboo and fiberglass rods to the ponds for members to cast with.  Get a feel for what the slower action of bamboo and fiberglass feels like.  These slower action rods are a bit different from the graphite / boron / hybrid materials found in current "fast action" rods.  You may find you like them for their relaxed tempo and greater "feedback" found in older technology.  And you won't know unless you try them out for yourself.

There will also be a "Buck in a Cup" casting tournament held on Picnic Sunday -- Entry fee for each caster is one dollar -- the target will be placed at a yet to be detemined distance - and each caster will get 2 casts to try to win the cash. 

And Tony Yap will be conducting a casting clinic on Saturday September 23rd - starting at 9:00am at the casting ponds.  This clinic will focus on eliminating the dreaded "tailing loop" from your casts.  He will also address casting in windy conditions as well as a number of other casting obstacles / mistakes.

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