2011 High Sierra Fishout

It's been a banner year in the Sierras, with high and late runnoff foiling some of the spring and summer fishouts. It's August and the peak runoff is past, but the mountain reservoir of snow is not depleted. Lot's of bugs! Happy fish! and hopefully happy fishermen.

This year we will again 4-wheel-drive and backpack into the John Muir wilderness to fish Bear Creek for happy trout. Last year our members ranged over more than 4 miles (and 1000 feet vertical elevation!) of this beautiful mountain stream to catch Browns, Rainbows, Brook, and -- arguably the prettiest trout of all -- the native California Golden trout.

The dates of Sept 9-11 are well timed to catch perfect weather and perfect water in an unspoiled mountain sanctuary. A limited number of spots are still available for the 2011 High Sierra Fishout. Contact Bill Zuravleff, 650 967-0674, billz@computer.org for info.

There is more complete information on flycasters.org. Just go to the File Sharing section and download the fishout template "2011_Sierra_Fishout.doc".


Sat Feb 17 @12:00AM
Lower Yuba Fishout
Sun Feb 18 @12:00AM
Lower Yuba Fishout

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