July 7 - 10 Flycasters are going to Medicine Lake.  Fishmasters Bill Mahan and Bob Bergthold are hosting another camping fishout at this great stillwater.  Rainbow and Brook Trout are the targets.  This is a Thursday thru Sunday fishout - $90 cost for members - see the fishout template in the File Sharing menu above right -

Medlake aerial USGS

For the second year in a row Flycasters are going to the Big Hole Lodge in Montana - an Orvis endorsed lodge and one that has won many awards for excellence in hospitality as well as guided fly fishing.  July 2 - 8 Last year Mike Culcasi achieved the rare Big Hole Slam on his first day - having caught 5 distinct species of trout all in one day.

Mike Culcasi SLAM

July 21 - 24 Todd Osborn is hosting the Mono Creek Backpacking fishout --- see the fishout template under the File Sharing menu -- upper right --- This is always a great fishout into the back country and space is limited - Contact Todd Osborn for details


July 29 - 31 Flycasters once again is going to Yamsi Ranch in Oregon -- We fish on a working cattle ranch on a spring creek which is the headwaters of the Williamson River.  The ranch provides wonderful accommodations, great food, and plenty of river for everyone to fish - see the fishout template in the File Sharing menu - upper right.   Contact Bill Zuravleff for details.


Fish Cards

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