Flycasters will once again be heading over the Sierra Nevada to a little lake called Pyramid. A stark, beautiful and mystifying high desert lake just north of Reno. Pyramid Lake offers spectacular scenery, huge Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, in an area rich in Indian history on the Piute reservation.

The PYRAMID LAKE FISHOUT is scheduled for APRIL 18, 19, & 20TH, RETURNING HOME ON SUNDAY APRIL 21ST. This has been one of our most popular fishouts for both the opportunity to catch a lot of large Laotian trout and also have a great time socializing with other members.  We currently have 20 people signed up with room for a lot more BUT, in order to participate you MUST SIGNUP BY FEBRUARY 28TH or I will have to release the rest of our reservations to another club. Payment of $155 is also due by the March meeting or you will lose your spot in the fishout. It you are a new member this is a great fishout to get started with.

 If you want to go with us to Pyramid, phone me at 408-738-1759 or email me at by February 28th. At this time I'll be forced to release the reservations to another club. They will certainly be overjoyed because the week of April 18-21, 2013 has been a prime time to fish Pyramid for many years.

Potluck dinner on Thursday night. Friday and Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner and provided.  Sunday Breakfast is also provided. The lodge / trailers are heated and linens are provided so all you have to do is show up and be ready to have a great time.  Carpools will be worked out after February 28th.

I have put a fishout template on the web so for more info on equipment go to file sharing and 2013 fishouts.  We are a fishing club so come on out and  join us at Pyramid.

 Walt McIntyre, Fishmaster



Happy New Year from the Fishout Staff!

Make a resolution to attend a couple of fishouts this year. Check the website for more information on each fishout, or call the fishmaster.

This is a list of our currently planned fishouts. The club is open to adding more fishouts so if you have a location you want to go to and/or willing to host a fishout please contact me

2013 Dates Location Fishmaster

March 9 Shadow Cliffs Bob Meacham

April 18-21 Pyramid Lake Walt McIntyre

May 21 Shad Fishout Bob Laskodi

June 6-9 Rooster Comb Jim Isaacson

July 18-21 Manzanita Lake Wade Goertz/Dave Pellone

August 22-25
High Sierra Backpack Trip Bill Zuravleff

Sept 6-8

Kennedy Meadows-Stanislaus River

Dave Pellone/Wade Goertz

Sept 20-22 Yamsi Ranch, OR Rick Davis

Oct 5 O'Neil Forebay Mike Lovejoy

Oct 24-27 Davis Lake Bob Davis/Rene Blanquies

Dec 27-30. Trinity River Mike Lovejoy/Jim Isaacson

Mike Lovejoy, Fishmaster


Wed Aug 23 @12:00AM
Klamath Lake Fishout
Thu Aug 24 @12:00AM
Klamath Lake Fishout
Fri Aug 25 @12:00AM
Klamath Lake Fishout
Sat Aug 26 @12:00AM
Klamath Lake Fishout
Thu Sep 07 @12:00AM
Medicine Lake Fishout
Fri Sep 08 @12:00AM
Medicine Lake Fishout
Sat Sep 09 @12:00AM
Medicine Lake Fishout
Sun Sep 10 @12:00AM
Medicine Lake Fishout
Thu Sep 14 @12:00AM
Roosevelt/Lane Lakes Backpack Fishout
Fri Sep 15 @12:00AM
Roosevelt/Lane Lakes Backpack Fishout

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