After Breakfast

What are those crazy looking, cloth covered, inner tubes with a back rest and pockets? And how do you use them? And more importantly, how do you fish from them? And even more important than that, how do you do all of that safely?

Bob Meacham is conducting a Float Tube Seminar on Saturday morning, June 4, immediately following the Monthly Breakfast at Holder‟s Country Inn. It‟s a free seminar – open to all members. We‟ll meet at Holder‟s Country Inn in Cupertino for breakfast at 8:00 am and then follow Bob to Stevens Creek Reservoir.


You don‟t need to own a float tube to attend the seminar. In fact, if you are shopping for one, this would be a great time to ask questions about size, features, and how to safely use a float tube.

For more information contact Bob Meacham

Seminar is free for members

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