Monthly Programs

The Monthly programs are one of the highlights of Flycaster’s meetings. Our program chair selects speakers to provide members with a wide variety of topics, locations, and types of fishing.  In addition,  July’s program is a swap meet and in December our club historian presents a ‘year in review. 

2010 Programs

Program Date                    Presenter                               Program


January 13, 2010              Mikey Wier                    Favorite places to fish in the Sierras


February 10, 2010            Ken Hanley                   Canada from Pike to Saltwater Salmon


March 10, 2010                Tom Maumoynier         When, were and how to fish Lake Almanor and Butt Valley


April 14, 2010                    Robert Ketley               Surf Fishing


May 12, 2010                     Steve Cooper               High Plaines Adventure:  Owyhee River Journal


June 9, 2010                     Hogan Brown               Northern CA Largemouth Bass Fishing - A Practical Approach


July 14, 2010                                                             Club Swap Meet


August 11, 2010                    TBD

September 8, 2010               TBD

October 13, 2010                   TBD

November 10, 2010              TBD

December 8, 2010            Bob Shoberg             Flycasters' Year In Review






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