Cindy Charles
NCCFFF Conservation Activities

Cindy will be giving an overview the Conservation Activities and Accomplishment of the Northern California Council Federation of Fly Fishers (NCCFFF). She is currently co-Vice Chair of Conservation for the NCCFFF and has been the long time Conservation Chair for the Golden West Women Flyfishers. She is the first woman to have been awarded the National Conservation award by the Federation of Fly Fishers in 2007. Cindy has been working for several years on conservation issues related to the Merced and Tuolumne rivers which are home to Fall Run Chinook and endangered Central Valley Steelhead. Currently, she is representing NCCFFF and GWWF in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission relicensing of three dams on these rivers. Cindy has also been involved in Coho salmon issues in Marin and Sonoma counties as well as restoration of steelhead in Alameda Creek.

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