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2024 Board of Directors and Past Presidents


Ken Imatami

I joined Flycasters over 12 years ago when my older brother suggested that I improve my fly fishing skills.  I had no idea how many great resources were available to me in our San Jose Flycasters club.  The best part was meeting many welcoming club members who were willing to share their experiences with me.  Currently I am the President of Flycasters and President of the Conservation and Education Foundation which oversees our Trout in the Classroom program.  I look back on wonderful trips taken to the Olympic Peninsula for steelhead, Mexico for tarpon, and trout fishing throughout the western United States.  My parting advice is to reach out to new members, volunteer to support our club events, and build lasting friendships with our many members.

Vice President

Frank Eldredge
I joined Flycasters about four years ago as I was preparing to retire from a long career in high tech, and quickly found that the club offered me many benefits in terms of connecting with other fly fishermen and expanding my skill set.  I also found ways to contribute to the club through a variety of roles and activities: joining the conservation committee, writing articles for Flylines, leading fishouts, and helping to create the club's 50th anniversary publication. 


Roy  W. Litherland

Roy and Trinity Steelhead
After practicing law for 45 years, I wanted to retire to something(s).  One of my retirement strategies was to get back into fishing, which I had enjoyed all of my childhood.  I'd always been intrigued by fly fishing, but never had an opportunity to get involved in it.  I was surprised to find a local club just for fly fishers that offered casting and other classes.  So I joined. 

Shortly thereafter I was asked to join the board of directors, and thereafter to become the treasurer (something to do with previously holding a CPA license).  I consider my life enriched by the number of new friendships resulting from being involved with the club's administrative affairs and participating in the fishouts.



Rich Otto
Rich Otto's Argentina Bow
In 1996 I decided to get serious about fly fishing and joined the Flycasters of San Jose.   Over the years, the club has provided me with access to the best instructors in fly casting, fly tying, knots, and stillwater and stream fishing.  It has been a great club for making friends and participating in enjoyable fishing trips.  Now that I am retired, I am looking forward to more fly fishing adventures and giving back to this fellowship of anglers.


Larry Sasscer
Larry's Peacock Bass
My first fly fishing trip was in 2018 on a float down the Deschutes River with a friend and club member.  Great time but tough fishing for a beginner.  I was hooked.  He said join the club, take the lessons and go on some trips.  It was great advise because when you get involved you meet great people, learn the techniques and more fishing trips come your way.

Since joining I've had the opportunity to catch some amazing species I'd never heard if, such as peacock bass.


Larry Cowles


Sue Klear


Dick Powers
Dick Powers
Thank you to the Flycasters of San Jose members and board of directors for giving me the opportunity to serve you.  I’m a former physician, retired in 2020 after 40 years practicing as a pediatrician and neonatologist.  As a hospital-based physician I was involved in several administrative positions as medical director and chief of staff at a local hospital along with participation on state and national professional boards.

I spend most of my retired days golfing, hiking, biking, fishing and gardening. I’ve enjoyed all types of fishing but with my retirement I have more time to devote to the sport of fly fishing. I discovered Flycasters last
year and have had the opportunity to participate in numerous activities including lectures, lessons, fishouts and social events. I’ve been impressed with the welcoming spirit and willingness to support the new members in advancing the vision and mission of the organization.

I hope to be able to contribute to that spirit by participating in the board of directors and providing a perspective from a less experienced but enthusiastic fly fisherman.


Costa Kladianos

Past Presidents of Flycasters, Inc.

We want to thank all the following members for their hard work, efforts and direction for our club since 1965.  Listed in order from first to most recent.

Carl Harrington

Don Chesarek

Noel Forte

Bob Edgley

Roger Wilkins

Jack Daniels

Dan Blanton

Ray Hutcherson

Ken Crismon

Dick Nelson

Clyde Ritchie

Bill Friccero

Joe Piazza

John Robinson

Jay Craddock

John Brezzo

Roger Haight

Van Brozarth

Harry D’Angelo

Chuck Simons

Ken Foster

Bruce Kenniston

Carl Gielitz

Dave Turner

Robert von Raesfeld

Ed Berg

Dave Burns

Patrick Mallory

Carol von Raesfeld

Dave Drennan

Dean Lindberg

Grant Beech

Dennis Hite

Lee Colby

Rick Utermoehlen

Bob Brinton

Sue Larson

Bob Davis

Bob Meacham

Jo Hood

Rene Blanguies

Bob Shoberg

Matt Zawacki

Jim Knecht

Tim Swihart

Wade Goertz

Bob Laskodi

Bill Mahan

Bill Zuravleff

Dave Pellone

Diana Ross

Todd Osborn

Mason Seim

Ray Chin

Frank Eldredge

Roy Litherland